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“Sound Will Be The
Medicine Of  The Future”

- Edgar Casey

“In Sound We Are Born
In Sound We Are Healed”

- Mehtab Benton

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Come And Relax With Us

Immerse Yourself In The Soothing Sounds And Vibrations

And Be Transported To An Altered State 


Please Leave Your Mobile Phones At Home or In Your Car, As You Will Be Asked To Switch Them Off

During The Session. The EMF's Will Affect The Purity The Frequencies & Vibrations.

We always advice clients new and old, to come with NO EXPECTATIONS. Healing is a journey, and your Spirit deep within knows what you need which is why the experience is individual. Each and everyone of us will deal with things at different times in their lives. Healing is like an onion; we peel back each layer a step at the time. It's on going and can happen at anytime. You only know when you are ready to let go.

Having said that, you may experience a different range of emotions surfacing, you may feel pressures, aches and pains, changes in temperatures, visions, colors, deep relaxation or irritation. Know, that all of these are perfectly normal, but it's best to keep an open mind and no expectations for the best experience.

  • We will begin the session with a brief introduction followed by a 10 minute meditation to relax you and protect you from outside disturbances. Whilst this is happening, we might walk around you with drums, tuning forks, rain sticks and other instruments.

  • Tibetan and Crystal Bowls might also be played at some point during the session.

  • The gongs will be played for an average of 30 minutes or more.

  • At the end, there will be a brief moment of 5 minute silence, called 'SHUNYA' (it means void or emptiness), this is a very important time, as it allows integration of the mind, body and spirit as the sound journey will transport you to another realm.

  • After this interlude, we will sound a bell or a gentle instrument, to alert you that we will now bring you back gently into the room with a short grounding meditation.

  • At the end, you will be invited to sit up and guided to recite a Mantra, to help you to find your center.

  • Anyone is then invited to share their experience or ask questions if so desired.

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