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“Sound Will Be The
Medicine Of  The Future”

- Edgar Casey

“In Sound We Are Born
In Sound We Are Healed”

- Mehtab Benton

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Come And Relax With Us

Immerse Yourself In The Soothing Sounds And Vibrations

And Be Transported To An Altered State 


By purchasing this ticket/tickets, whether for yourself or others, you are confirming that you INNERSTAND & AGREE to the Contraindications and that you CONSENT TO RECEIVE CARE by the ReNew Group trading as ReNew Sound Therapies and INNERSTAND & AGREE the Cancellation Policy.

You are also confirming that:

  • To your knowledge you haven't been exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19), and are currently not symptomatic or self-isolating, nor have you have been in contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19.

  • You understand that there is a potential risk of transmission of COVID-19 as a result of attending a public gong bath event.

  • You have had the opportunity to ask questions prior to booking and your questions were answered satisfactorily.

  • You consent to receiving care by ReNew Group, trading as the event organizer known as ReNew Sound Therapies.

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