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As you know, 2020 has been a year of many challenges for many but also a time for opportunities and here at ReNew, we are always ceasing moments to further develop and expand.


As a Healer, an Empath & Holistic Therapist, I comprehend the needs of our clients at a deeper level, especially in times of struggle. My life purpose is to help humanity heal from traumas and pain and to bring joy and peace in each and everyone I come across. My work is to empower people and remind them of their inner power, so that they are no longer stuck in a detrimental loop, and to do so, I am constantly developing new skills drawn in from the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

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2022, has been an exciting time for us as we delved deeper into the art of Sound Healing and I am excited to announce a new addition to my team, my husband Gordon Cooper.
Gordon began his journey in September 2021, after I attended a weekend workshop to learn Pellowah Healing, a higher dimensional form of healing, which translates to A Rapid Shift In Consciousness. 
A shift happened to Gordon, who wasn't even part of the workshop; truly a testament to how powerful Pellowah is. Suddenly, he found himself experiencing all sorts of feelings and changes in his life that were new to him and he wasn't quite sure what to do it .
And so, his journey began to seek enlightenment, healing and purpose. The most important part for him was connecting with something that gave him purpose, to make a difference in the world and made him feel fulfilled.  Having researched and experienced a number of holistic therapies, he discovered that sound was his connection to the healing world.
After attending various Gong Baths, himself, Gordon learnt how deeply sound, frequencies and different vibrations resonated within and it's how he was led to the healing sounds of the Planetary Gongs, and as they say, the rest is history.
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