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“Sound Will Be The
Medicine Of  The Future”

- Edgar Casey

“In Sound We Are Born
In Sound We Are Healed”

- Mehtab Benton

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Come And Relax With Us

Immerse Yourself In The Soothing Sounds And Vibrations

And Be Transported To An Altered State 



A Gong Bath experience for employees has many benefits. As part of a wellness drive to provide a counterpoint to a period of greater productivity, or simply to help a team to re-set before moving forward onto the next stage of a project or the beginning something new. A Gong bath can be a powerful way to begin a new chapter within an organization, for instance after a staff re-shuffle or a merger to clear the way for new beginnings. Gong Baths can aid creativity and stimulate greater intuition which can help people within an organisation to better communicate and interact with each other, as well as be more inspired and think in alternative ways to create more efficiency and streamlined operating systems.

The beauty of Sound Therapies, is that it has no barriers. It speaks many languages, it has no age, gender, race or religion, it even reaches out to the deaf and blind. 


When the gongs are played, they create sound, frequencies and vibrations that transcend any human hung ups. In that moment, we are all connected in Oneness aspiring to one important truth, become the best version of ourself.

Within this safe and nurturing space a person can learn who they truly are, their strengths and weaknesses, their fears, why they make choices they do and how all this can affect their health and wellbeing. Together we can than  give release of anything negative that has been anchoring us down and in the new light embrace the new beginnings where positive growth resides. Confidence grows, along with self worth and self belief. Step by step, each individual will begin to feel empowered and good about themselves, less fearful and more willing to face new challenges and all that life has to offer.

Gongs are about transforming lives, it is a growing community of limitless possibilities where understanding, friendship, support, guidance and connection are guaranteed.

specializes in providing sessions in educational settings for staff, pupils and parents. Bespoke events can be organised at local community centres, church halls, hotels or private venues to provide an inclusive activity for wellbeing programmes or an exclusive event for friends and family.

Sue will need to check the suitability and size of the venue to ensure that there is adequate space for the instruments as well as the participants. The cost will depend on where you are, the accessibility of your space, the number of attendees, the duration of the session and if you wish to have a presentation prior to the Gong Bath.


  • You will be asked to remove your shoes

You are welcome to bring your own crystals for protection and grounding, alternatively we offer our own collection for you to purchase.

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